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"I felt Cedar Valley Hospice care was like having dozens of arms around us, knowing we were never alone on this journey."

- Evelyn Wohlwend, wife of Art Wohlwend

About Us

Cedar Valley Hospice is a not-for-profit multi-service agency that provides home care services to those with a life threatening illness, hospice services to those with a six month or less prognosis, grief support services to anyone struggling with the death of a loved one, and case management services for those living with HIV or AIDS and their families. Services are available to anyone regardless of where they reside, their age or diagnosis or their ability to pay. Cedar Valley Hospice serves a 14 county area in northeast Iowa, including offices in Waterloo, Grundy Center, Independence and Waverly.

Cedar Valley Hospice

  • Offers compassionate care and bereavement services for all patients
  • Respects life and human dignity
  • Educates the patient, family and community regarding dying and death
  • Provides stable and responsible leadership for the organization
  • Develops integral relationships with patients, clients, families and our community
  • Works with integrity to provide quality care and services
  • Strives for excellence in providing palliative and end-of-life care and grief services

Caring for your family, friends and neighbors since 1979

  • We admit persons of any age and diagnosis
  • We admit people to hospice who are receiving palliative treatments or therapies such as radiation or chemo
  • We offer the Hospice Home, a six patient room facility, which provides an alternative for inpatient and respite admissions
  • We provide grief support services to anyone in our service area through monthly mailings, telephone support face-to-face counseling, support groups and more
  • We provide the Eucalyptus Tree, a special program for children, youth, and families who have a loved one who is dying or has died
  • Medical case management services are provided for persons living with HIV or AIDS and their families
  • Palliative care services (LINK) are offered for persons in the advanced stages of a life-threatening illness

Our Mission

Cedar Valley Hospice provides the leadership and sets the standard for excellence in delivering comprehensive palliative and end-of-life care to patients and services to those who grieve.

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Our Vision

Through innovative programs and community partnerships, Cedar Valley Hospice will be the hospice and palliative care provider of choice in the area that we serve.

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Our Values

Compassion, Respect, Education, Leadership, Relationship, Integrity, and Quality/Excellence

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Our History

In 1978, a group of individuals from the Cedar Valley, who recognized the importance of quality care for the dying, began forming Cedar Valley Hospice only four years after the first American hospice opened. Since then, we have worked to honor their vision with compassion and responsibility.

Early in 1980, the first patient was admitted to Cedar Valley Hospice. Additionally, nonprofit status 501(c)(3) was granted by the Internal Revenue Service. Another important milestone was reached in 1982 with the local opening of the first inpatient hospice unit in the state of Iowa. Cedar Valley Hospice pioneers recognized early on that in order to have a comprehensive program of care, inpatient care was needed. A six-bed unit, in what was then Schoitz Medical Center, located in Waterloo, was opened that followed hospice philosophy, provided a home-like environment and all hospital staff was trained by Cedar Valley Hospice.

Along with the growth of Cedar Valley Hospice came changes. By March of 1988 Cedar Valley Hospice began managing the newly renamed Cedar AIDS Support System which provides medical case management and support to clients with HIV or AIDS and their families. Since 1988 the CASS program has continued to fulfill a need that is unmet by anyone else in the area.

Hospice of Buchanan County and Grundy County Hospice had successfully merged with Cedar Valley Hospice by the end of 1992. In November of 1998, Bremer-Butler Hospice had also merged with Cedar Valley Hospice.

Renovations began on the former office of Dr. Donald Bickley at 2001 Kimball Avenue in 1999 to establish the Cedar Valley Hospice Home. The Hospice Home officially opened for patients on February 1, 2000. The opening marked the beginning of a much needed component of hospice care which provided patients an alternative to hospitalization with all the comforts of home.

As the years passed, Cedar Valley Hospice continued its growth with grief services offered to anyone in the community, a children's grief program, as well as palliative care and complementary therapies programs such as massage and music therapy.

Cedar Valley Hospice, an organization that began through a grassroots effort, has evolved into a comprehensive, professional health care agency committed to end-of-life care and issues. Today, a staff of over 130 professionals and nearly 450 volunteers work together to meet the special needs of those with an advanced illness, their families and those who grieve.

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Contact Info
  • Waterloo - Central Office
    800-617-1972 | 319-272-2002

  • Waverly
    877-485-7081 | 319-352-1274

  • Grundy Center
    888-878-3868 | 319-824-3868

  • Hospice Home

  • Independence
    888-273-8957 | 319-334-6960

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"There was a representative(s) from Cedar Valley Hospice at the funeral home to offer sympathy and support. The Waverly office sent a card and followed up for one year with grief support with home visits and notes. That all meant so much. They were very supportive. That would be the best word to describe Cedar Valley Hospice, along with compassionate."

- Dr. Dave & Barb Hennessey,
parents of Katy Hennessey.