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Cedar Valley Hospice helps relieve caregiver stress

When someone you love has a serious illness, the natural thing to do is to help them. You find yourself saying, “Sure, I’ll get you a glass of water,” and “Yes, I’ll call the doctor back.” As their health issues progress, so does the natural instinct to do more to help them. Before you know it, you are fatigued and may find your own health suffering.

The truth is, if you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t care well for your loved one. Getting help starts with having an honest conversation about your loved one’s healthcare options. Having a serious illness causes a number of stressors – for all involved, which is why a personalized healthcare plan from the experts at Cedar Valley Hospice can help. Not only can your loved one get the care they need in their own home or residence, but caregivers receive the much-needed breather from having to take it all on. A simple call to Cedar Valley Hospice can help you cope with an illness and provide education regarding treatment options.

For Shirley Bonzer of Plainfield, making the call to Cedar Valley Hospice made all the difference. They came into her home and provided pain management and comfort care for her husband, Ron. She would be the first one to tell you that she thought she was handling it well – until she realized all the services offered.

“I had been a Cedar Valley Hospice volunteer for 8 years so I’ve seen how they could help people,” said Shirley. “But I didn’t know until I called them to come, ALL of the services they were able to help us with. It enabled me to take care of Ron better and even relax some.”

Shirley added that the nurse coming to the home teaching her helpful techniques for Ron was just what they needed. The nurse also helped with his medications. It saved her countless trips to the doctors’ offices.

Like Shirley, many caregivers say that once they receive Cedar Valley Hospice services, they were able to just go back to being the “wife” again. Knowing you have the support of professionals allows family members to focus on Making Each Moment Matter. 

The team at Cedar Valley Hospice offers a multitude of different experts:

  • Nurses to provide necessary care and help manage medication
  • Social Workers to answer tough questions
  • Aides to give do personal cares or light house work
  • Volunteers to provide camaraderie and raise spirits
  • Spiritual Care Counselors, Therapists and more

At Cedar Valley Hospice, families receive care that encompasses the entire family. If you feel like you or your loved one is not ready for hospice, palliative care is another option for those with a serious illness. It offers similar services on a smaller scale, but ultimately provides peace of mind knowing the experts are “on top of it.”

Accepting help is not always easy, but it will allow you to make the most out of the time you have with your loved one. Let the experts at Cedar Valley Hospice support you as a caregiver and provide the highest quality care to your loved one. Contact us today! 

Cedar Valley Hospice Volunteer Coordinator Cortney Manning of Waverly, right,along with
former Social Worker Katie Keller visited Shirley and Ron Bonzer to award Ron with
a certificate of appreciation for volunteering for Cedar Valley Hospice. Ron was also receiving
hospice services at the time, so they honored him with a handmade quilt, as we do with all
patients. Unbeknownst to Cortney, Ron’s favorite color is blue because of the nickname “Blue”
he was given by his co-workers when he worked at Carnation (Nestle) over 40 years ago. Ron
was always full of jokes to share, and this day was no different. It was an especially important
day for Katie, who was able to present this to her uncle, Ron, before he died.