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Caring Connections - It's About How You LIVE - At Work

"Cedar Valley Hospice has always been a great partner to Tyson and a wonderful organization within the community. They are willing to visit our plant and provide information to employees, send supportive tips for a “sympathy & caring” board in our main hallway, and are available as an on-going resource for crisis situations and those struggling with grief and loss. The staff at Cedar Valley Hospice easily connects with the Tyson chaplains and community liaison providing necessary compassion, support and information when needed."

-Gwen Timmerman, Tyson Foods, Inc.

It’s About How You LIVE – At Work is a program to help employers support employees who are:

  • Working caregivers
  • Experiencing grief and loss
  • Living with a serious illness
  • Facing other end-of-life decisions

Life changing events happen to employees and can affect their efficiency or ability to show up to work. Through our Caring Connections program, we can provide presentations, lunch-n-learns, and training for your staff at no cost to your business to help support your employees and improve productivity. Each program is customized to your needs. We also offer educational materials at no cost.

Our workplace brochures include:

  • A Guide for Working Caregivers
  • Helping Employees After a Critical Incident
  • Grief in the Workplace: When a Co-Worker Dies
  • Grief in the Workplace: When an Employee Dies
  • Supporting Someone Who is Grieving
  • When an Employee is Seriously Ill
  • When an Employee Suffers a Loss

For more information or to request materials, click here or call 319.272.2002.