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Eucalyptus Tree - Children's Grief Program

Grief Services and Education for Children

Children grieve the loss of a loved one differently than adults do. Cedar Valley Hospice understands the unique needs of children and provides a number of services through our Eucalyptus Tree program to help each child with their distinct grief process.

Grief and Death Education

Eucalyptus Tree presentations can be used to educate people of all ages, from Pre-K to adults, about death and grief. Eucalyptus Tree staff can travel to your location and is also available for crisis support in local schools.

Parent Consultation

Discussing death and dying can be a difficult conversation to have. If you’re a parent or other caring adult and are in need of tools to talk about death and grief, Cedar Valley Hospice staff will gladly speak to you over the phone or in person to help you out.

Youth Support Visits

Eucalyptus Tree staff members can develop supportive and informative meetings to address the questions and concerns of children. Meetings are set up to meet the individual needs of various family members.

Katie and Quincy Koala

Our koala mascots, Katie and Quincy, can visit 3-9-year-old children to bring support, friendships, and lots of hugs. They also bring along activities that help jump start and guide difficult conversations for better communication between family members.

Grief Mentors

Cedar Valley Hospice volunteer mentors meet with children at our office or at school and bring along fun and educational activities related to grief and loss. Grief mentors meet with children for 4-6 sessions.

Grief Counseling

Some children require counseling in addition to guidance and support. In these cases, Eucalyptus Tree staff may recommend individual counseling, family counseling or play therapy. We will make referrals and maintain contact with your family regarding loss and grief.

All Eucalyptus Tree services are provided free of charge to children, their family members and community members. For more information regarding Eucalyptus Tree services for children at Cedar Valley Hospice, contact the office nearest you today.