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Eucalyptus Tree - Youth Grief Program

At Cedar Valley Hospice, we understand that the death of a loved one is hard for everyone, especially a young person. Clear, accurate and age-appropriate communication with unconditional support are critical in helping youth through a difficult time. 

It's important to include young people in tough conversations - it promotes trust and resilience. Our grief counselors offer activities designed to be both fun and educational to help children express their feelings. 

Katie and Quincy Koala are also available to visit and offer friendship, support and hugs to younger children, ages 3-9, while encouraging communication between children and adults on illness, death and grief. 

Eucalyptus Tree Services:

  • Grief and Death Education
  • Katie & Quincy Koala for ages 3-9
  • Grief mentoring for ages 5-18
  • Parent consultation and support
  • Family support sessions
  • Support to area schools

All Eucalyptus Tree services are provided free of charge to children, their family member and community members. For more information, contact us today.