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Cedar Valley Hospice Home

"Here, at whatever hour you come, you will find peace, love and human kindness."

- Albert Schweltzer, adapted

Cedar Valley Hospice offers the only Hospice Home in the area. It is a short-term, in-patient facility which provides care for patients in a home-like setting with specially trained staff to meet your needs.

Located at 2001 Kimball Avenue in Waterloo, this six-bedroom home is only available to patients on the Cedar Valley Hospice program. It is the preferred alternative to a hospital visit, and you will always be greeted with kindness and compassion.

Hospice Home Care

General in-patient care:

Patients come to the Cedar Valley Hospice Home for a short-term pain and symptom management when symptoms can't be controlled at home. The goal is to return home once pain and symptoms are managed.

Respite Care:

Patients come to the Cedar Valley Hospice Home to give the caregiver relief. They can stay for up to five nights on an occasional basis.

Residential Care is also available on a short-term basis.


  • 24-hour nursing care and family visitation
  • Master bedroom setting complete with a table, TV, couch, recliner, dresser, large windows and an ensuite bathroom
  • Home-cooked meals for patients
  • Kitchen and dining area for family use
  • Guest bathroom with shower
  • Solace room with a fireplace for families to gather
  • Patio, grill and outdoor garden with a fountain
  • Children's playroom
  • Music Therapy

We encourage you to take an online tour of the Hospice Home to see it for yourself.